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KOBREX and ADVARIS are proud to announce a successful GO-Live Mes Event


November 2020

In the pursuit of the core manufacturing part of their business, KOBREX started their search for a dedicated Manufacturing Execution System to align with their long term strategy. ADVARIS was the choice of software with the MES project beginning in 2019 in conjunction with a SAP integration. KOBREX and ADVARIS are proud to announce a successful go-live event and are now seeing 100% utilization of the ADVARIS MES throughout the manufacturing process.

Kobrex manufactures copper and aluminum cables and wire for the America’s market which brought them to the ADVARIS cable MES which is specific to length based measurement software. Throughout the implementation project, the ADVARIS team utilized a balance of onsite and video training as COVID-19 presented some unprecedented challenges. Rather than in person workshops, the key user training was done virtually as well as 100% remote work with the SAP team to create a fully functional customized Interface, based on KOBREX specific needs.

“Implementing ADVARIS MES at KOBREX was one of the most rewarding projects I have ever worked on! All of our teams rose to the challenge, and the KOBREX key users were engaged and fully committed to learning the software and processes. Thanks to our great relationship with the SAP interface team, and the tireless work by the end users at KOBREX, we were able to have 100% success – revolutionizing the way KOBREX does business.” Ricardo Abarca – ADVARIS MES Consultant.

"Implementing a full MES in a functioning wire & cable facility through the Covid-19 pandemic was a massive undertaking. With the expertise of the ADVARIS team and the hard work of the KOBREX staff, we have achieved our full step towards a true smart factory. Already we have seen positive results from the design, planning, scheduling as well as maintenance modules from the ADVARIS MES and MRO” Salomón Martínez, General Manager.



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