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Condumex Cables salón

Mayo 2019

One enterprise, six factories, seven product groups. To guarantee efficient processes in such a complex situation, software solutions are required that cover industry-specific standards and are flexible enough at the same time to enable plant-specific adaptations without compromise. Condumex had set up a project team with representatives from all divisions to search for a product that fulfils all these requirements. It soon became obvious that none of the standard ERP systems on the market would cover the special requirements of cable production.

Condumex found what they were looking for in Bruchsal, Germany: In future, ADVARIS' industry solution will be used for product data management and production, perfectly meeting the diverse needs of the Condumex Group. As ERP system, they chose SAP S/4HANA with the Mill Products industry package. An important argument for this was the integration with ADVARIS, which has already proven its value with other cable manufacturers.

Victor Villalobos, COO of Condumex, is excited about the launch: “The combination of ADVARIS and SAP is the perfect choice for us. The new MES system enables us to minimize production costs without having to compromise on quality or adherence to delivery dates. Since we have been using ADVARIS and SAP S/4HANA in the Potencia and Magneto factories, operations have become more fluid. The programs are also easier to use for our employees. I am already looking forward to the other four locations experiencing the modernization push.” The production of power cables and enameled wires for electric motors is the focus of the plants supplied to date. By 2020, all Condumex cables will be produced using ADVARIS MES.

ADVARIS and SAP are closely linked via interfaces. Condumex now has a fully integrated ERP/MES solution that covers all business processes from machine control to financial accounting and from cable design to delivery. Several thousand different products are automatically generated in the cable design module and permanently kept up to date. All basic data for production planning such as machine speeds, scrap quantities, usable drum sizes, alternative machines, etc. are transferred from the ADVARIS cable design module to the detailed planning and scheduling module. A sophisticated detailed planning of the machine occupancy avoids unnecessary setup times and scrap. Effects of disruptions or new rush orders are immediately recognizable. The complete data acquisition on shop floor with interfaces to the machine controls and measuring devices for quality assurance guarantees the complete traceability of every single cable length.

“Thanks to the new system, we can see real-time information from production and the relevant KPIs directly on the screen in the office,” says Villalobos. “Manual notes or feedback, which are often sources of errors, have become redundant. For example, each drum is provided with a barcode label. This allows the MES to check at any time whether this specific drum is really intended for this job. These are just a few of the new benefits.”

For ADVARIS, the new customer is a valuable asset. “Mexico is a new territory for us,” says Managing Director Dr. Manfred Moser. “We are pleased to be able to cooperate with more and more international customers and to learn from the respective production methods. It also makes us proud that ADVARIS is chosen over all other offerings worldwide when it comes to ERP/MES solutions for the cable industry. Even if the customer's structures are somewhat more complex.”



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